S&W – pipe and duct system specialists

Pipes, ducts, fittings and moulded constructions based on modular, add-on construction systems

Welcome to the S&W Rohrsysteme GmbH+Co.KG homepage -
Your specialist partner for pipes, ducts, fittings and moulded constructions based on modular, add-on construction systems and for special sheet metal constructions.

Services on offer:

  • Pipe and duct systems ranging between 50 mm and 1250 mm nominal diameters and metal thickness ranging between 0.8 mm and 3 mm.
  • Innovative fitting solutions for insertion-joint duct systems and flanged-joint duct systems, featuring moulded flanges
  • Piping duct designing and project engineering support
  • Continuous development advancing and optimisation of the overall product range
  • Product redevelopment
    (customised to requirements whenever possible)
  • Processing of all types of special designs in either standard or stainless steel execution options.
  • Quick delivery times thanks to extremely flexible standard production as well as customised production processes.
  • Optimised fitting accuracy via cutting edge machinery and finishing performance

Well conceived, top-notch quality modular add-on constructed pipe and ducting systems, ideally combined with individual product customisation!

Our ducting and fitting systems and moulded constructions are implemented wherever the need for high exhaustion, venting and distribution performance is required. Materials involved include fresh air, oil mist, dust, plastic granulates, foil chips, wood chips and shavings, metal shavings, paper waste, cereals, flour and corn products, etc.
Our ducting and fitting systems are not suitable for clean water or oil media ducting.

A well conceived, modular add-on-design pipe and ducting system forming sound plant engineering and construction groundwork and providing for compact features unequalled by any other manufacturer. Three different fitting solutions are currently provided. The individual systems are further subdivided into clamping-ring, flanged or click-insertion joint systems. All systems are flexibly combinable with one another.

All traditional fitting solutions, e.g. such as welded flanges, loose rear head pipe flanges or sleeve joints are naturally still produced upon request. The ultra-modern and state of the art laser cutting tools and the punching and bending presses implemented for our in-house finishing processes, warrant for uniform top quality levels. The S&W customers are acquainted with and totally value the high quality modular add-on-design system levels on offer, that are aptly combined with favourable price levels.

The overall 2500 ready-for-despatch articles we constantly keep on stock ensure for quick delivery timing. For each and every special requirement you may have, our Service Team is readily available at all times.