Pipe collar connection


  • Precision fit of the parts
  • Quick and easy installation of the tube sections
  • All sections reusable after dismantling


  • Tube sections smooth on all sides
  • Tube collars 100 mm long with 2 glands


Tube collars with seals madeof natural rubber, black
(also available in EPDM, white, in stock)

Nominal sizes:

NW 40, NW 50 and NW 60 (standard)
(On request, we can also offer larger diameters)

Sheet thicknesses:

Mild steel - 1 mm thick (material DC01A)
Stainless - 1 mm thick (material X5CrNi18-10)

Surface protection:

Mild steel - Powder coated RAL 7032
Stainless steel - Acid bath treated and passivated
(On request, we can also offer galvanized)


Vacuum cleaner tubes, product delivery lines, exhaust pipes