Turn-Head Distributor

Turn-head distributor:
- not dust tight
- dust tight

Swivel pipe switch:
- dust tight


  • running free sealings (dust-tight turn-head distributor and swivel pipe switch)
  • compact design
  • low-maintenance
  • only a few mechanical assembly parts


Feeding from the top through the turn-pipe towards the requested outlet inside of a closed casing.


Turn-head distributor, dust tight version

  • Inlet and outlet with expansion seal

Swivel pipe switch

  • Inlet, outlet and all unused outlets with expansion seal


DN 80 up to DN 300

Number of outlets:

3 up to 20 outlets


Normal steel - powder coated RAL 7032 Stainless steel - pickled and passivated (only the product-contacting parts)

Flowing angle:


Driving gear:

Gear motor with control box and incremental encoder

Legal referance:

Our swivel pipe switch has a patent-no. (Patent-no. 102004011228)

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